3 Small Business Friendly Apps


It is apparent that the majority now owns a mobile phone or a tablet. It is more accessible since it can be brought everywhere, which is why 85% of consumers prefer to use an application than a mobile website because of convenience, easy navigation, flexibility, and comprehensive, as observed by Econsultancy in 2013. To help you manifest your business dreams, here are 3 super user-friendly applications in the market for small businesses to consider using. Take note that this is not in order. 

  • Thimble
  • Expensify
  • Square Point of Sale 


Insurance is a substantial investment that people must commit to secure the future. It prepares you for abrupt unfortunate pocket payments like medical illnesses, accidents, theft, disasters, and the like. As for businesses, insurance plans also give aid and support for business owners. With insurance plans, savings are encouraged by reducing your expenses for an extended period, helping you plummet your tax burden (Medium, 2017). 

Getting insurance and accessing it is quite troublesome and time-consuming but, with technological advancements, planning it can now come swift and handy. Gadgets offer lots of mobile applications; there are plenty of provider choices to consider your investment. In fact, the competition between suppliers is fierce, so better opt for the best for you and your lifestyle. 

Thimble is a business insurance company available on Play Store and App Store. It is considered to be the most innovative among other business insurance companies out there. Thimble is a business-friendly app because it accommodates on-demand insurance anytime. They can cater to small businesses’ demands by the hour, day, or month of 120+ professions. This company is exceptionally good with an A rating and trusted by 30,000 small businesses. Meanwhile, the mobile application obtained 4.3 stars in Play Store reviews and 4.8 stars in App Store out of 5. It is affordable and swift; it can quote in just 60 seconds, instantly letting you acquire a certificate of insurance. Their website is already good; thus, providing a mobile application makes it more beneficial to their customers and the potentials. 

How to access it?

Getting a quote is easy with Thimble. To start, you simply tell your profession, your zip code, and the desired time you need for assistance. This application allows you to control it fully. You can add insureds, crew members of your liking. It also lets you choose coverage of over $2M. After filling out the necessary details, you will receive an Instant Certificate of Insurance. Interestingly, users can modify or cancel policy anytime using the Thimble app. 


Expensify is a suggested mobile application to report and track your expenses. It is an award-winning application by reputable sources such as Forbes, NetSuite, CPA Practice Advisor, TrustRadius, Xero, and many more. Fascinatingly, the Wall Street Journal also brands it as “a virtual accountant.” With 4.0 stars on Play Store and 4.7 stars on App Store, Expensify indeed is a great application that will help you run your business. This application is free for individuals (receipt feature is limited up to ten times only). Meanwhile, for the team and corporate users, it costs $5 to $10 per active account.

How to access it?

Expensify makes the entire process of planning your business a lot easier and less painful. In this application, you can scan receipts, track business and even personal expenses, and book trips and travel. It also allows business owners to link credit or debit card to easily track the charges and place it on the expense report and then you continue it by yourself for a few minutes.  

Square Point of Sale

Square Point of Sale or Square POS is a payment application perfect for small businesses. It is highly recommended for businesses with limited spaces like food trucks and the like. If large companies want to apply, they can contact Square for custom pricing. This app allows a user to sell anytime and anywhere. It is rated 4.3 stars in Play Store and 4.8 stars in App Store.

How to access it?

Square POS uses a small, portable credit/debit card reader for quick and convenient transactions. It also enables you to operate your business in the safest way possible with contactless payments with no hidden fees, no long-term contracts, and no commitments. It also allows users to customize, issue, and track invoices directly.