4 Signs maintenance of your fleet is neglected


Regular fleet maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your business. Taking care of your vehicles will ensure they will be in a good state for a long time. And for you, as a business owner, that means fewer costs and more profit. To be real, when it comes to fleet maintenance, it is easier said than done. Time flies by, and sometimes you just forget that some things need to be done, especially if you have to pay them. That is why having fleet maintenance software can be a great thing. With this software, you will always be up to date with your vehicles and maintain them regularly. Here are some common signs that your fleet maintenance is neglected, and you need to do something about it.

  1. The tires on the vehicles are inflated

Try to check the tire pressure on your vehicles regularly. The tire pressure is vital for the driving experience for many different reasons. It affects the handling, how much fuel the vehicle will consume, as the wear in general. Tires can get damaged by various external factors. Weather conditions and the surface on which the vehicle is driven are just some of them. The way individual drivers handle the vehicle can also negatively affect tire pressure and reduce it prematurely. The tire pressure should be checked before and after every drive by the fleet inspector. If drivers are going on a longer trip, it is recommended to check the tire pressure regularly while they are away.

  1. Vehicles consume much more fuel

If you have noticed that vehicles consume much more fuel and you have to refuel them often, this is probably a sign that engine maintenance has been neglected. A poorly maintained engine consumes up to fifty percent more fuel. And this means your costs will start to increase just because you weren’t regular with engine inspections. Having good fleet maintenance software can prevent this from happening. This software can inform you about the current state of every vehicle and its parts. And if there is something to be repaired, it will notify you soon enough. It means you will not reach the stage where the damage is large. Instead, everything will be solved in time, before the real problem arises.

  1. Your vehicles are messy and dirty

Avoiding regular cleanings of vehicles leads them to become very messy and dirty. If your clients notice this, it will negatively impact your reputation and business in general. And you don’t want to lose customers and profit just because you were lazy to hire someone to clean your vehicles. Having a sparkling clean fleet will make you look much more professional. Besides, your workers will feel much better while driving and feel more motivated to work. Keep in mind that this is not only about aesthetics. Taking care of the cleanliness of the vehicle can also prevent rust and further vehicle damage. 

  1. Lights are not working properly

If the lights on your fleet vehicles are not working properly, it can become a huge problem. This can negatively affect all your workers that are driving at night. If the lights break in the middle of the night, that can seriously jeopardize their safety. Be sure to do regular light checkups and provide maximum safety to your employees. Fleet maintenance software can detect light failures before they manifest and protect drivers that way. You can repair the lights in time and move on with your chaotic business schedule.

Conclusion: As the owner of a fleet, you should be aware of how essential it is to maintain all your vehicles. If you’re not doing it regularly, damages and failures might occur. And if this happens while driving, it can jeopardize the safety of your employees. Having fleet maintenance software can help you stay up to date with all your vehicles and their breakdowns. That way, you can fix the small damage instead of waiting for a big one to occur. Regular fleet maintenance will provide you happy workers, satisfied customers, and much profit.