Moving Checklist: Whom You Must Notify before Shifting Your Home?


Relocating your place is indeed one such process that takes a lot of time, effort and needs the energy to do the preparations for a safer and hassle-free shifting process, whether it is about home or office. From packing the boxes to moving the vehicle, there are a lot more things that are to be done, when it is about shifting your place from the old location to the new one. And, in the aisles of the tasks, one such job to put off is notifying the important authorities about the move. Hiring packers and movers in Bangalore will only make the process of relocation easy but when it is about notifying the important authorities, the movers have to do the job on their own.

When you are staying in your old home, you must have availed certain essential services from different people and authorities that have required your address or bank details, to make your life easy-going, smooth and comfortable. But now, when you are about to change or home and you will be shifted to a new location, then it is obvious that your address will also be changed and hence, it is needed to inform these authorities about the change in address so that you can continue enjoying these services. And, for this, you should know whom to notify for the change in the address when you are moving from your location.

This is one of the important steps that should not be avoided and must be included in your final moving checklist so that you can be sure of a smooth and hassle-free relocation process and also because you don’t want any confusion after you have moved. It is an important step to discontinue all the services of which you have taken advantage when you were in your old home. Now, if you want to continue to enjoy all these services at your new home as well, then the only step is to transfer them to the new address.

If you are confused about whom you should inform about the change in address, then here a detailed checklist is given that includes almost all the authorities and the people who need to be informed about the change in address. So, do check out the list once before relocating your place:

1. Landlord

If you are living on rent and are planning to change your apartment, then it is indeed your duty to inform your respective landlord about your decision to change the place and also about the moving date. The date of notifying depends on the notice period.

2. Friends, family, and neighbors

Shifting in a new home is a means of celebration and happiness and also calls for a housewarming party, commonly known as the Griha Pravesh ceremony. And, this is also the best time to say farewell to your old neighbors and inform them about your decision of changing your place. As no such celebrations are completed without the involvement of friends and family members, you can inform them as well about this latest decision of yours so that they can be a part of your happiness too. 

3. Post office

After informing your closed ones, it is time to take it to the official level i.e. post offices as it is very important to notify the post office about the relocation of your home and change of address so that you do not miss any of your mails and letters and they continue to get delivered even at your new address.

4. Tax department

After the post office, it is time to inform the tax departments as it is needed to inform them about your change in address. If you are facing any problem in getting the job done, then you follow the basic structure proposed by IRS online from where you can tell them about your new location.

5. Gas & electricity utility providers

This step is very much needed as if you’ll inform this company about the change in address, then you might have to spend a day or more without the gas or electricity services. For getting the gas and electricity connections transferred to your new address in the new location, it is very much need to inform the utility service providers about the discontinuance of the service or transfer of the service from the current address to the new address.

All these above-listed people and authorities are the ones that are needed to be informed before you make a final call for relocating your place to a new location with the help of packers and movers in Hyderabad. Notifying all the above-mentioned organizations will surely make your shifting process easier and smoother and also you will not be left using any of the essential and significant services.

It is a fact that hiring relocation companies is an important work to do if you are willing for a safer and secure relocation process. But, finding the best relocation companies is a daunting process and thus, it is recommended to hire relocation firms from All the moving companies enlisted on this platform are professional, experienced, reliable, and trusted ones that will make sure you have a safe and secure move. Also, if you hire the moving companies, then notifying the organizations can be done hand in hand leading up to the packing and moving chores.

So, the first and foremost thing to do is to prepare a checklist for moving that must include these authorities about the relocation and change in address.