Starting Small Business Ideas Lockdown | Business in Covid-19 | Online Startup Corona Business Tips 2020


kind of businesses that you can do in the year 2020, especially if you’re in lockdown.

We all know how coronavirus has completely changed the world. Many people have lost their jobs. Many people have lost their income.

Let’s learn some sources of income that will allow you to build fast revenue, you’ll be able to work from home even while you’re in lockdown and make money anywhere from the world.

  1. the very first one is making money with YouTube ads this is the fastest way to make money in the year 2020. If you start a business where you publish YouTube videos regularly, and you earn money with all the ads that YouTube shows on your channel, you will make a lot of money. You can do it from anywhere in the world. You can make videos from anywhere in the world. It is very simple to start.
  1. The second business opportunity is learning how to make YouTube ads or learning how to run, manage YouTube ads. There are a lot of people, a lot of marketers out there, a lot of businesses out there that need video ads that need to run ads on YouTube. And if you learn how to make ads for youtube, if you learn how to run those ads, then you can provide a service to people. For example, you could become a service provider on websites like, All you need is your phone and you’re good to go. And you can get going very fast, you can do this part-time, do this full time, make extra income, super easy to do.
  1. And along the same lines is the third business opportunity, which is Facebook ads. Facebook, Instagram is massive right now. A lot of companies, a lot of brands are running their ads on Facebook, and they’re constantly looking for people to run ads for them to manage ads for them create ads for them. Once again, you could be a provider.
  1. The fourth thing is you can create your digital products. Like you could record a video on something you’re good at something you know about. And then that will become a product and you can sell it online. Could be anything, could be a makeup tutorial, accounting tutorial, how to stay healthy, how to be fit, yoga classes, events, anything. So whatever is your expertise, maybe something you’re passionate about, something you already do for work. You can turn that into a book, turn that into a video and then sell that online.
  1. The number fifth is you can give some kind of digital consulting. So maybe you are a doctor, psychiatrist, a lawyer, an engineer, an architect, and you can provide these services online. It’s very easy. You can advertise your service on YouTube, Facebook, and then people instead of coming to your office can get help from you online. Online consulting, again, can be anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection and your phone.
  1. Number 6 that you can do in 2020. And it’s article writing content writing. So what we talked about before was specifically writing to sell products, sales pages. That’s a little bit more involved work because you have to create copy that sells can go long can go three thousand five thousand words. You want to do a little work just whenever you have time. And maybe you’re a writer. You like writing. So a lot of people, they need content all the time. So creating content, writing articles, writing scripts for videos is another massive industry. Once again, you provide the service on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, people per hour.
  1. And then the business number seven is web design graphic design. Again there are a lot of people who need their websites designed, their templates designed sales pages designed, blogs designed, ads designed, you know, create ads, create thumbnails for YouTube. So there’s a lot of graphic design work out there. A lot of website design work out there. So if you are a graphic artist, if you’re a web designer, this is great for you.
  1. The next business idea is creating a blog to sell affiliate products or make money by AdSense. So let’s just say you create a blog where you’re giving people business advice, telling them how to make money, right? So you’re writing different articles. You hire someone in India, Philippines, write cheap articles for you. You post them, you’re building traffic. So you can create a website. Traffic comes to you, they are reading, how to make money and you don’t have a product of your own then refer to another product which provides you commissions on every sale.
  1. Number 9 is you can write your book. Book is big business these days. People want to read all the time. Every business has books because people like to learn. People like to read. So maybe you’re an expert at a topic and you can write a book on that. You can even hire content writers and tell them to do research and write a book for you. It’s called ghostwriting. You can find ghostwriters who will write a book for you on a topic. You can tell them what needs to be included. And then someone can write a book and then you can sell it through Amazon Kindle, Barnes, and Nobles Or sell it from your blog.
  1. Number 10 is a business on making phone calls and sales. So if you’re good at selling someone, then this time is good opportunities. Some companies that just have a system where somebody will buy their product, they will get the lead. They will get the phone number. The person will call, close them for a sale. And usually, these phone sales are a big amount. So that is another great thing. It’s a skill you can learn very easily, okay? Because those come with scripts and most companies you will work with, I will also tell you what works for them. They’ll give you a script. A good company should give you a script. They should train you. They should tell you how it works.