5 ways you are driving people away from your landing pages


Driving people to your website is very important for your business to grow especially when you are new in the business or have a startup. Startup generally comes up with a new idea which people are not aware of so it becomes more important for the startups to drive more traffic towards their website. There are many factors that affect traffic on your website. The most common factor that affects traffic is Search Engine Optimization. The business or the marketing agency should regularly update and improve their search words included on their website. If the words are not appropriate on the website then it might attract irrelevant customers and visitors like game Players attract on best poker apps. In this article, we will discuss what are the ways that reduce the number of visitors landing on your website.

Reasons that drive visitors away on landing your site.

Loading speed of page – if the loading speed of a page is more than the visitor leaves your website soon. You can take the example if a person is searching something on Google he has a lot of options and if one page is taking more time in loading he will switch to another without seeing the content of the previous one. So in such cases even if your content is relevant and important for the visitor he won’t be able to see it due to late page loading.

User-friendly navigation – the business should ensure that the website is easy to navigate. There are some websites which are not good when a visitor navigate through it. The options on which the visitor wants to go are difficult to find which reduces the interest of the visitor on the website. So businesses should enjoy that the navigation is easy for the visitor.

Irrelevant content –  even after planning on to your website if the user does not find the content relevant then he will switch to another website quickly without wasting much time on it which will decrease your average time of the website. Businesses can take finance assignments help to manage the finance and use it an ineffective way to hiring the appropriate personnel.

Website structure – the structure of the website is confusing then the visitor will not invest much time on your website. This will also reduce the average time of the visitor on your website.  Therefore a business should also focus on the structure of the website.

 Final thought

These are certain points that drive your visitors away from landing on your website. A business can read a various case study or take a case study assignment help to review the other points which drive the visitors away from the business website.