How to write a blog post that gets hundreds of comments, thousands of social shares, and first page Google Rankings?


Getting traffic to your blog is harder than ever, in fact, recently BuzzSumo has to analyze 912 million blog posts. And found that the vast majority of blog posts that are published, get zero links or social shares. In earlier digital marketing, things worked completely differently. Back then, getting links and social shares was relatively easy. You could publish a 500-word blog post and call it a day. Flash forward to today and things are completely different. According to WordPress, 2.3 million blog posts come out on their platform every day. So for your content to stand out and get shared today, it needs to be amazing.

Let’s learn everything, step-by-step. Starting with Step Number One, find a proven blog post topic. It’s no secret that your blog post topic is huge. Here’s exactly how to find blog post topics that work.

First head over to Udemy. Udemy is a blog post topic goldmine, here’s why. Udemy doesn’t just show you content that people are interested in, instead, you see content that people are paying for. You can search for courses by category or by keyword. Either way, you’ll find content that people are paying to access. For example, let’s say you run a blog about health and fitness. Well, head over to the health or medical Category in Udemy, and scroll down to their best-selling courses and within seconds you have a list of proven topics.

The next place to look for proven topic ideas is Amazon. To use it, just search on Amazon with the keyword that describes what you’re blog is all about. Then look for a book on that topic with lots of ratings, this shows you that people bought the book. And click on the book to find what the table of content is present there, and you’ll see topics that people are paying to learn more about.

How to write your headline?

Now that you have a proven topic, now the question is how to write your blog post headline. You might have seen the stat before that 80 percent of people read your headline, but only 20 percent click over to the actual post. Is that stat true?. how to write blog post headlines that stand out and get clicks. First, start your headline off with proven phrases. BuzzSumo recently analyzed about 100 million headlines. So what did they find? That headlines that start with these 20 words and phrases, get the most shares on social media.

You don’t need to start every single headline off with one of those phrases, but when it makes sense try and use them. Second, make sure that your title uses brackets or parentheses. A study by Outbrain found that adding brackets to headlines can improve the click-through rate by up to 38 percent. Finally, you wanna use long headlines. That study of 900 million blog posts, found that posts with long headlines got 76 percent more shares compared to posts that used short headlines.

How to write an introduction that grabs your reader’s attention?

Follow, the PPT which stands for Preview, proof, transition. First up, you have the preview. This part couldn’t be any more simple. Just let your reader know exactly what to expect. That way when someone lands on one of your blog posts, they know that they’re in the right place. Here’s an example. Next, it’s time for the proof. Here’s where you show people that you know what you’re talking about. Now what if you don’t know what you’re talking about, well you’ve got bigger problems than blog post introductions but that’s another story. Now you can show proof with personal results, years of experience, number of clients, credentials or certifications, or anything that shows that someone should listen to your advice. Here’s an example. Last up you have the transition. Cap your intro off with a transition, a transition that pushes your reader to keep reading. For example, you can see that of used the phrase, “Let’s dive right in,” at the end of this intro, simple. Moving right along to Step Number Four, Write, and awesome post. Is there a formula for writing blog posts that people will link to and share? No, if there was, everyone would use it. That said, there are proven strategies that you can use to make your content ten times better.

Next, use a font that’s between 16 and 20 pixels, if you’ve ever read anything at, you’ve probably noticed that their articles are super easy to read. And if you’re using anything less than 16, you probably missing out on a lot of readers.

Finally, when it makes sense, publish content that’s at least three thousand words. BuzzSumo Industry study found a clear correlation between long-form content and social shares. Data showed that long-form content got an average of 77 percent more social shares, compared to traditional short blog posts. This doesn’t mean that you need to pad your blog posts with a bunch of fluff or filler. But if it does make sense to publish a long-form blog post or guide, go for it.

Step Number Five, write your conclusion. Here’s the deal. Most people use throw away conclusions like this. But professional bloggers know that your conclusion is super important. Especially if you wanna get lots of comments on your blog.

Next use short URLs. When it comes to Google Rankings there’s no doubt about it, short URLs work best. Google themselves recommend that you use short descriptive URL’s. That’s because short URLs make it easy for Google to understand the topic of your page. Plus people use your URL to figure out which result they should click on.

Finally, add internal links to your post. Now internal linking doesn’t have to be complicated. When it comes to internal links, it helps most of the blog posts, even good ones, which are not promoted enough. And no, sharing your content on Twitter and Facebook doesn’t count as a promotion. To get your content seen today, you need to do a lot more than just share on social media.