Importance of brochure design for start-ups

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Although digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing in recent times the importance of traditional marketing like brochures and banners is making a rousing comeback and is being adopted at a rapid pace especially among start-ups. Brochures were always a cost-effective way of delivering the information about the product or service that the start-up is providing. People can also seek the help of brochure designers in their project development.

For established businesses cost is not a concern and such companies can afford to run multi-million-dollar ad campaigns and leverage on social media and expensive strategies, however start-ups cannot afford this luxury. The main reason start-up’s opt for brochure is its affordability, digital marketing and SEO could be expensive in terms of the manpower and human effort needed to successfully take up digital marketing whereas brochure designing is a one-time cost and can be printed at scale thereby reducing the cost of overall marketing. It is estimated that humans retain information when presented visually and when a certain image or design captivates their imagination it stays with them for a longer period of time, multiple research studies conducted by leading universities, well known industry experts and professors have reiterated this phenomenon this is the strength of a targeted brochure design. 

Many customers feel a sense of satisfaction and a strong connect with the company if they are presented with a physical material like a brochure from the company, in countries like India where digital space is not well penetrated it is extremely important that brochure and brochure design becomes prominent and is looked up as the primary source of conveying the information from the company to the customer. Start-ups can run attractive campaigns through the creative brochure designing, start-up’s can incentivize the customers by providing coupon codes, discount codes or refer a friend promotion through these brochures and effectively improve their sales multi-fold. Brochures are not restrictive to a particular distribution channel for example online marketing is restrictive for the digital media whereas brochures can be integrated in print media, in newspapers or in standalone brochures and banners. 

This gives a lot of flexibility for the start-ups to target the right audience at the right place by using minimum resources. If used properly this could be the best way to reach out to customers and connect with them at the grassroots level. These brochures can be distributed creatively through various methods such as distribution in trade shows, receptions, through newspapers, postal mails and packages etc. This option offers an unprecedented flexibility in the marketing strategy of the start-up’s and it can aid them in promoting their product or service. Through brochure design start-up’s can maintain consistency in the information they disseminate, this provides a sense of safety for potential customers because brochures are seen as a direct mode of communication between a customer and a company 

Brochure designing can be done in house by an experienced company brochure designer or it can be outsourced to a brochure designing company with specialization in brochure designing, logo designing and creative marketing. This brochure designing companies offer their services either as a freelancer or on a contract basis. Start-ups can leverage on the freelance environment to hire the most capable brochure designer for that particular job. Before hiring a in house brochure designer, the start-up can look for testimonials and previous designs or a portfolio of design from the prospective brochure designer, this helps in gauging the ability of the brochure designer to deliver the content in a meaningful, concise and creative manner. 

It is estimated that over 20% of a traditional businesses marketing budget is allocated to traditional marketing practices like brochure designs, newspaper advertisements and other such methods. It is important that the start-up’s find the most suitable fit for their case and target prospective audience using such methods. Technological advancements in brochure designing have increased at a rapid pace therefore start-ups should leverage on these technological advancements to assist in their brochure designing process. Brochure designing software have become easy to use and with multiple templates available start-ups can easily find the best template suitable for them. This software can cut the reliance on human skill and bring up the standard of brochure designing process with minimal cost. 

With all these advantages the start-ups should embrace the brochure designing route to target and connect with existing and potential customers. Hence, individuals can seek the help of Company Brochure Designer. The brochures can be designed to convey the relevant information either pictorially or through detailed description on the choices entirely on the company to decide the most suitable method. Start-ups can benefit from the cost-effective way of connecting with the customers and it is very important for a start-up to be prudent in its spending. Also picking the correct brochure designing company can make or break the marketing efforts of the start-up. Start-ups must perform due diligence before outsourcing the task of brochure and or logo designing.