How essential is using the right keyword on your site content?


Do you know that keywords are the key that allows your website to rank better? Well, keywords are an essential part of the website content of every business. It helps in driving the targeted web traffic to your business organically. Offering so many benefits, you must ensure using the right set of keywords to boost your business and make better profits via online marketing. Before we delve deep into this topic and learn why to use keywords to rank effectively over the SERP, you must know about the concept of using keywords in greater detail.

What is a Keyword?

They are single words and short phrases that Internet searchers use to get hold of information. They type the keyword in the search box of the search engine like Bing or Google to find the products, services, or related information. Websites of the same niche, which is determined by the keyword, pop up on the screen as the search results from which the user can select the right hyperlink based on the information they have been looking for. 

Each search has its own relevance. Where a few keywords are a part of more than a thousand unique searches in a single day, the others can hardly make up to a few hundred. On the same note, specific keywords are high trafficked and competitive because more than one business of the same niche uses it to get free referrals. These keywords are unique and are used only by the said businesses to help the users find them quickly.

Importance of choosing the right keyword

When it comes to choosing a keyword, you need to undertake a tad bit of research. You must invest some time and thought when researching the keywords to pick out the most effective one, which can skyrocket your business. Various free online tools are available, which are genuinely useful. Options like Google Keyword Research Tool and Wordtracker are the most commonly opted solutions by people who are desperately searching for means to start with their research on new keywords for their website content.  These tools are very beneficial as they also offer insights about:

  • ‘How many users are using the keywords in their Google search?’
  • ‘What is the online competition rate of the said keyword?’

Briefly, if you are using the keyword finding and analysis tools, you will get a real sense of the keywords that should be used on your website, allowing you to understand how you can use them to bring in better online site traffic. Once you have a list of researched keywords for your site, you can develop a plan of action. You need to implement those target keywords and optimize your website so that each time it is used in for conducting unique searches over the engine, your website pops up at the top. It is essential to add the relevant keywords in all the critical and hidden areas of the website.  

How can you find the right keyword?

Keywords play an impactful role in making your website a preferred or an undesirable one. So, when picking or using search phrases, you need to be very particular. You must choose the right keyword, which allows your business to indulge itself in quality online marketing functions. As keywords drive search engines, you must search for the essential one, which would help your business create a better impression and bring in the right audience. For this even one can hire a well trained team of professionals or any seo agency in Bangalore.

  • Don’t forget to learn about your competitors: Considering the most crucial point, you must figure out if your industry has another active rival. Every niche has loads of sites and companies which are there to back up their product. You might end up getting bad ratings over the queries raised through the search engine in such a case. It is vital to examine the competitors and the size of your niche. Based on it, you must chalk out an effective strategy. 

You must not use highly trafficked keywords at an initial stage if you don’t have a well-established website or blog to support your business. It is because, in the absence of an engaging site, the searchers are very likely to drift towards your competitors. If you are using ranking keywords for your site, you will land under the same list as your competitors. In such a scenario, you may lose exposure and brand awareness due to a low SERP rank. You need to continue with your search of the right keywords, which will your brand look out-of-the-crowd and attract the potential leads’ attention. You can try working on specific keywords instead of fundamental ones, which will help you compete with the marginal quantity of rivals.

  • Conduct detailed research: The next thing you need to take care of is identifying the keywords’ quality. You need to work with a precise aim of finding a keyword that is important for your company and is directly related to your niche. If your choice of keywords can fulfill both the criteria, you can quickly get hold of your target market. Working with keywords relevant to the industry and the online market increases the possibility of brand exposure. You can optimize your boring website with some engaging content and the right search phrases to get discovered. However, it would help if you are patient because SEO is a slow but effective means to reach the SERP rank’s top. Try to stick out from your competitors. 
  • Dedicate yourself to select the right keywords: Keywords are the doorway to the success of your website. So, to grab the opportunity to walk through that doorway, you need to invest yourself and spend time enhancing your SEO rank. Spending time researching, picking, and efficiently utilizing the keywords is the little secret ingredient. You can inspect the search phrases commonly used by searchers by using the keyword analysis tool by Google. Regular inspection will help you learn about the oversaturated keywords you can avoid and the right keywords, which can help your website stand out and create better traffic.

The process of introducing your business online can be challenging initially. However, with the right amount of investment, you can make things worthwhile. Keywords and SEO take a little time to offer your brand a proper exposure, but your business will not have to look back once you succeed. Till then, work on your site content and optimize your site with the right keywords to keep climbing up the ladder of better online rank.

Author Bio: Rtn Bala Kumaran is the CEO and Founder of BrandStory who writes for a variety of online publications. He loves writing about SEO, Digital Marketing, Data and Emerging Technologies. He is a mentor and speaker in various events. He is a Mentor to many startup’s and speaks at various events on Data, Marketing and entrepreneurship!


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