What are Cloud Contact Centers?


Cloud Contact Centers are the contact center software that is hosted on the internet server. Cloud Contact Centers allows business owners to handle all the communication channels virtually through the internet.

Cloud Contact Center V/s Traditional Contact Center

Until the boom of cloud communication, businesses used to get locked with on-premise contact centers which are expensive, not scalable, and it used to be the best solution at that time. But, this is not the case anymore as cloud technology is  replacing the traditional contact centers.

Advantages of Cloud Contact Center

Cloud telephony has an edge over traditional or on-premise contact centers. Cloud Contact Centers provide multifold benefits to the business owners ranging from cost to scaling up the process.

Here is the list of few advantages of cloud contact center


Business means scaling up with time and increasing bottom line profits. It’s very easy to scale up your customer service with cloud contact software as it works on the scale on the demand model.

 For instance, suddenly you got a new project and you have to hire new agents for the project. Now, In case of the on-premise solution, you have to purchase new equipment and set it up. This will be a costly solution. On the other hand, if you are using a cloud solution then no. of users can be easily added and removed with minimum costs as it works on the subscription model.

Easily Reach to Customers Globally

The cloud platform allows you to easily make international calls using  VoIP Minutes which can save 90% of international telephony bills.

Easy Work From Home Setup

Work From Home is the new culture of the IT industry and it requires new advanced technologies to carry out smooth operations of the company.

Here, Cloud Solutions come to the rescue as it can be accessed on the internet whereas in case of premise solution, the team has to be physically present in the office.

Cloud Contact Center is the ultimate solution for work from home Setup.

Tension-Free Process

On-Premise Solutions runs on equipment, wires, and cables. There are high chances of a breakdown of equipment. Once the issue occurs there is an urgent need of a support engineer at your location which can take time and can be costly. 

Cloud solutions do not have such issues as all the issues occurring in the cloud contact center can be addressed remotely by support engineers.


But Sir “On-Premise Solutions have better security than Cloud Solutions”. This can be listened everywhere. But, Now cloud solution providers are also changing the security landscape of security concerns. 

Even, Open Source Cloud Communication Service providers are swinging the hammer to keep cloud contact center software 100% secured and they also provide 24*7 support to ensure interrupted service.

How to Choose Cloud Contact Center Provider

Shifting the call center from on premise to cloud is a tough decision to take but it comes with more reliability, scalability and less costing.

Here are few important points business owner need to keep in mind while shifting the contact center to cloud:

  1. Uptime: You need to make sure that the cloud solution you choose should be highly reliable and provides uptime of 99% to have an always connected environment.
  2. SIP Trunking: For agents working with physical service need a solution with SIP trunking service that provides unlimited concurrent call capacity so that SIP Phones can be connected without deploying PBX
  3. IVR – IVR is the mandatory feature a contact center must have as it enhances the customer experience. IVR greets the caller with customized message and then directs them to the right department on the basis of inputs feb by caller
  4. SMS – Still SMS marketing works, some customers prefer SMS over other medium till date and as a brand it’s important to be present on all the channels to provide best customer experience
  5. Web Interface – Your customers are lazy and they love the easily accessible options. WebRTC is one such option which allows user to directly call a brand from website or CRM
  6. Chatbot – Interactive conversation is the most effective way of self customer service and AI based chatbots are experts at it. These chatbots can easily provide customers with the common questions. 
  7. Call Tracking – tracking is the most important feature of any campaign. Call tracking is required in call center as it keeps the tracks of outgoing and incoming calls and can be used to track the effectiveness of marketing campaign as well
  8. Mobile Customer care – Solution should come with mobile app that allows your agent to operate from mobile app


Cloud Contact Center providers such as *astTECS allow you to scale up your business without any downtime or upfront investment. With a cloud solution, you can always scale up your business and meet business goals.