Learn Quran online and its benefits


The Quran is the ultimate source of guidance for Muslims. However, many Muslims in the ummah all over the world are far away from Islam. One must wonder: Why does this happen? The answer is that many Muslims all over the world do not know the Quran. They must learn the Quran online in order to get close to Islam and Allah.

Secular ideologies and Western ideas are flourishing in many parts of the world since the spread of globalization. As a result, many humans are moving away from religion altogether, prioritizing their livelihood and this life. However, we know that in Islam, this world is just like a fleeting glimpse whereas we need to put a lot of effort to improve our chances in the Hereafter.

Top of this list is the need to learn Quran online. Traditionally, the Quran has been taught in mosques and in Quran learning institutions. However, over the past decade, the online sector has also emerged as a viable option for learning the Quran.

People of all ages can learn the Quran. However, the most overwhelming need is for Muslim children to learn the Quran so that they can get close to Allah from a young age. Far too often, Muslim parents neglect the Quran and allow their children to do whatever they want, not paying attention to their spirituality and their relationship with Allah. This is completely wrong and must be addressed to save the future of Muslim children worldwide.


The most obvious benefit of learning Quran online is that of convenience. Students and teachers do not have to go anywhere. Instead, they can learn (and teach) from the comfort of their homes. All that is required is a good internet connection and a smart device or a computer.


People learn Quran online all over the world. Hence, there are no strict time requirements as such. Students can choose the time that suits their daily activities. Flexible timings ensure that people don’t have to make any compromises and can go about their usual activities as well.


Sometimes we hear news about Quran teachers resorting to odd methods to teach the Quran. It is not uncommon to come upon videos of teachers hitting children to try and force them into learning. This is not possible online. While learning Quran online, students and teachers must cooperate in order to progress.


Qualified and experienced teachers are available to help students to learn the Quran. They know the best methods that can help students to learn Quran online. There is also a wide variety of tutors. Female teachers are also available, which provides an excellent alternative especially for parents with daughters who prefer female tutors.


Online Quran academies are very competitive. There are many websites offering Quran teaching courses. Hence, prices have to be affordable to attract prospective students. Therefore, they are affordable for most people especially those living in Western countries.

How you can learn Quran online

All you need is a good internet connection alongside a computer or smart device and a headset. Quran Classes are usually conducted over apps such as Skype, so you will need to install that as well.

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