Received an interview request? Here is how to proceed


After the treacherous task of doing your resume and applying to hundreds of job applications on every possible portal, all we wish for are a few emails giving us an opportunity to present ourselves better on the interview table. And most of us find ourselves in a fuss when that e-mail from our potential employer arrives and ends up making mistakes. 

Here are a few foolproof tricks to help you out with responding to interview requests to e-mails including: 

  1. Give a prompt response; not a hurried one: In an attempt to promptly reply to e-mails and fix an interview with a potential employer, we tend to miss checking language, grammar and punctuation. Give a quick reply but ensure that you give an appropriate time to structure it well, it is easy to read and clearly conveys what you are trying to communicate. 
  1. Do not make false commitments: Plan and check your schedule before setting up anything. Acquire complete knowledge about timings and location. Negotiate schedules if required, stating your reason for the same. This builds credibility and shows your communication skills. 

Another aspect to this is replying in affirmative, even when you are not interested. Instead of saying a yes, politely state that you are interested in the role.

  1. Ask genuine questions: If you are in doubt about the further process, the profile being offered or just related to interview. Ask it out in this email, research if required and clarify your doubts and proceed according. Connect with the HR, or the concerned personal, enquire properly, check feasibility and then revert.
  1. Show your interest in the job opportunity: This is also a golden chance to show that employer that you are interested in the role and would like to go further about it. You may start by writing a short thank you note for giving an opportunity to you, followed by a small synopsis about your credentials and skill set. 
  1. Using a template from internet: It is a good idea to take help from the internet, but do not copy paste a template. You can create your own template which talks about your skill set and how you can contribute. Ideally, you should customize the template for each job role that you have applied for so that you hit the right chord. 
  1. Responding to an email via a call: This is a Big NO. Revert using mail if you have been invited via a mail. Using a phone call as a medium of confirmation will lead the employer to think that you are not comfortable in working with emails. If required take professional help or surf the internet, but ensure that you do not convey any messages that put you in the negative light. 
  1. Reply to everyone: While replying always check “cc”, if the mail is copied to other people apart from you, send your reply to all those included in the communication. You never know, those looped in the communication might be your future team members or may be those sitting in the interview panel. 
  1. Set the right tone: An interview request is one of the initial communications that you are directly having with your employer. This plays an important role in putting forth your communication and language skills. Be formal but do not try too hard to please the employer. Keep your point clearly, avoiding slangs, long sentences, and very heavy vocabulary. Be careful with CAPS and exclamation points. 
  1. Provide your contact information: Though the employer has all your information by the time the process reaches him/her inviting you for an interview, giving your contact details as a part of your signature helps in making you more accessible. 
  1. Reply on the same thread: Starting a different thread to accept the invite makes it difficult for the employer get back who is accepting the invite. Your email can go attended and you may end up losing the game. 

Being engaging and creative, presenting the information in an attractive manner, is the key to properly responding to an email request. 

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