Some Tips on How to Improve Your Ielts Writing Performance

IELTS preparing tips

In this blog, you going to know about how to approach tasks one of both the IELTS general training and academic writing tests and even have a model answer for you.

To learn from let’s start with the general training task one of the IELTS general training writing tests involves writing either a formal or informal letter according to the instructions given. In the task question let’s take a look at the informal letter which is generally written for a close friend or family member this question is typical of the informal letter task. In the first part of the IELTS general training test you should spend about 20 minutes on this task you should write at least 150 words so you have just been offered a place on a short training course in a small seaside town.

Like where a friend of yours is living write a letter to your friend in your letter :-

  1. Greet your friend and tell him or her the good news about the course.
  2. Ask your friend about life in a seaside town.
  3. A range of time to visit your friend before you start the course.

So let’s see, what a model answer that would achieve a band score of 8 to 9 would look like.

Dear Henry,

How are you? I hope you’re doing well. I have some exciting news. I’ve just been accepted on the hotel management training course run by your local college it’s a three-month course which involves visiting. The tourist sites in your area that’s great of course but what I’m most excited about is being able to spend some time with you exploring your town.

I’ve never lived in a seaside town before so I’m keen to find out what life is like there I imagine the people are really friendly. But what about entertainment? What kind of things do you most like to do around town? And are there any interesting places to visit. You’re by one thing’s for sure I love seafood so, I’ll be spending a lot of time and in the local restaurants.

The only problem is I’m so excited I can’t wait to come to visit you before the course starts in September. I know you usually take your holidays in July but you might be planning to go away then if that’s the case could you let me know of another time. We can get together really looking forward to hearing from you.

It’s very important to recognize that points one, two, and three defined the structure of your letter in other words. You should write one paragraph for the subject mentioned in each bullet point and try not to mix the subjects upkeep them separate the paragraphs. It should also be roughly the same length as one another.

  1. Greet your friend and tell him or her the good news about the course.
  2. Ask your friend about life in a seaside town.
  3. Arrange a time to visit your friend before you start the course.

So in paragraph one, you need to do three things.

Say hello to your friend give him or her the good news and say a little bit about your course. It’s important not to make your greeting too short but to extend it a little by asking how your friend? Is doing or saying you hope that all is going well try and be creative. There are many things you can say to make your introduction sound interesting similarly when giving your good news. It’s important not only to say how you feel about, it but also to show how excited you are. That you’ll be living in the same town as your friend for a while it’s a good idea to mention this in the last sentence of your first paragraph. Because mentioning the town will introduce the place your questions will focus on in the paragraph.

Second, you could begin paragraph 2 with a question or statement. Which shows you would like to know what life is like in the town you can ask about food the people the things to do and see but try not to make the paragraph too long. The model answer used a mix of questions and statements to show your interest in the final paragraph your task is to try and arrange a time to visit your friend. Although you can do this by suggesting a time which is likely to be convenient it is important to ask your friend to suggest a time that would suit him or her.

Best again the model answer gives a good example of how to do this now let’s take a look at the academic writing task to achieve a good band score in task 1 of the IELTS academic writing task. You will need to give a good introduction and overview of a graph map chart process or diagram giving an overview is particularly important if you don’t provide an overview your score will not rise above a band 5. Under the criteria of task achievement, it’s very important to understand this point because failing to provide an overview is by far the most common mistake test-takers make in academic writing task 1 many test-takers confuse an overview with an introduction.

So let’s start by clearing up this misunderstanding by defining these terms in the context of this part of the IELTS test by looking at one of the most common types of diagrams used in the IELTS academic writing task 1 the line graph an introduction and academic writing task 1 is an opening sentence. Which acts as a summary of what any given diagram represents it’s important to remember that in your introduction you can’t use more than two consecutive words apart from prepositions articles numbers and conjunctions from the question without being penalized this means that the same information must be expressed mainly in your own words. In other words, you need to paraphrase the first sentence of the question let’s look at the task description of a line graph to see how this works in practice this line graph shows the number of international students attending to higher education institutions in Ontario between 2000 and 2015 summarize the information by selecting and report the main features and make comparisons were irrelevant the opening sentence states the graph shows. The number of international students attending to higher education institutions in Ontario between 2000 and 2015 to paraphrase the sentence successfully knowledge of synonyms is very important so it’s a good idea to layout two columns with words you need to paraphrase this will give you the model introduction. Note that you do not have to paraphrase every word you only have to make sure you do not repeat more than two main words i.e. nouns adjectives or verbs in the same sequence as the question. So here it is perfectly okay to write international students just as it appears in the question it should now be clear that the job of the introduction is to show. What any diagram in our case a line graph represents the purpose of the overview is quite different the job of the overview is to describe in one occasionally two sentences.

The main trends or features of our graph should not go into any great detail but you should emphasize the overall message the graph is telling us so how do you do this by looking at the beginning point of the graph. On the left and the endpoint on the right and asking yourself what is the difference between the information at the beginning point and the information at the endpoint in our example graph the main difference is that overall the numbers of students attending the two higher education institutions in Ontario. Between 2000 and 2015 went up with the biggest increase occurring among those international students attending college shown by the blue line on the graph this can be described as a dramatic increase from around 300 students to 4,500. While the red line despite a slight decrease in student numbers between 2010 and 2015 still went up considerably from around 1,700 to 3200 it is clear from the graph that overall the number of students attending both institutions went up during this period with the college showing the big just increase in student numbers, of course, other graphs may well be giving us a different message.

For example, another graph may show very little difference between its beginning and endpoints or its endpoints may show a decrease. Overall rather than an increase however the principle is the same and the overall message of your overview will be defined by looking at the beginning and endpoints of any particular line graph to see. What changes if any have taken place overall the next question to consider is where do I put the overview and overview can go in one of two places either in the first paragraph. Following the introductory sentence as shown or in the conclusion as a final summary the choice is yours the only thing you have to remember is to include it in at least one of these two places so there you have it tips that will help improve your IELTS writing score try putting these tips into practice every day.