Covid-19 Masks and Makeup | Has the Mask Finished Lipstick, Know What is at the Forefront of Fashion | Lipstick in Corona


Lipstick on his interlocutor told him a tale … This evergreen song expressing love and infidelity may not fit well in times of epidemic because at this time the mask is masked to protect against infection by the coronavirus and lipstick fashion.

The country is slowly emerging from the unpredictable band. The bandh started on March 25. Now, once the closure was over, girls and women started taking clothes and makeup items off the shelves, but due to owning facial masks, the lipstick was unable to regain its former position.

The mask, which is used to protect against the coronavirus, covers a large part of the face. She also took lipstick during makeup when Fatiha Tayyiba left the house for the first time after obtaining concessions in the bandh. But initially, they didn’t feel good applying lipstick due to applying the mask.

The 25-year-old Gurgaon stylist said: “The masks have clothing that creates discomfort.” She constantly clings to her face and dresses repeatedly. However, Taiba did not want to change her fashion due to the coronavirus epidemic and started using a matte lip color.

A spokesperson for online shopping portal Snapdeal said lipstick sales have fallen in the past two months compared to normal. Most manufacturers don’t have exact figures, but it’s clear that the trend for lipstick has waned.

In India coach and makeup artist Stafford Berganza at L’Oreal Paris, he said that until a mask arrives that can see the face, then the eyes are the only means. Nayaka, a cosmetics company in India, claims that the eye shadow used for eye makeup during the bandh has reached its ‘top 5 so far’ in the top three.

On the other hand, Westside Umashan Naidu, head of cosmetics for the chain of stores, said that eye makeup will grow and that all beauty brands will focus on the eye makeup business. However, some in the makeup fraternity say that the mask has not removed lipstick, but has given the industry more opportunities to be more creative.

Naidu said lipstick has faced many of those “wars” and yet managed to protect itself. She continued to expand and would do the same in modern times. A Nayaka spokesperson said, “Lipstick will regain its makeup head status.”