The Secret of Happy Living Life | 10 rules are changing every day


Every morning Beginning the day right is very important. Today we find plenty of reasons to complain in life. Because first of all, the situation is difficult. On top of it, we don’t have the right answers to the present challenge. Even the rules are changing every day. So we find a lot of reasons to complain about it. We are not able to meet our family. Even there our mind complains. Some people have not met their children for so many days. So we have reasons to complain. We complain about life.

But by complaining our inner battery here, keeps discharging. It keeps going down. When this mental battery keeps going down, it will affect our body. And our state of mind affects everyone around us. On our family and our patients. So we cannot afford to complain. Let’s teach our minds a different language of gratitude. Instead of thinking that we have not met our family for so many days, We need to start saying I am safe. My family is safe. How grateful should I be? So what if I have not yet met them? We are safe, they are safe. Your children are safe. How can we thank God enough for that? If we teach our minds to be grateful. It will not complain and it will not be sad. It will start seeing the same scene from a different perspective.

So let’s begin every day with gratitude. The very first thought will be of gratitude to parents. With the second thought, Thank your mind and body. So thankful that our mind and body are healthy. And then gratitude to your family. Gratitude to all your colleagues at the hospital. Gratitude to nature. There is so much to be grateful for. If we give gratitude as the first thing in the morning We will not feel like complaining, during the day. Because the language of the mind would have changed. So we will give gratitude every morning. Thereafter, we will start using the language of our elevated thoughts. Which means a vocabulary of high energy words. Positive, pure, powerful affirmations. High energy words.

Let’s take 10 thoughts.

On top of it, you can add any other thought that you want. But today let’s just take 10 basic thoughts. For the next 10 days, we will take those 10 thoughts. We will repeat it multiple times every day, taking it as homework. And they will be thoughts of how we want to be.

“Whatever thoughts we create, they manifest into reality”

Thoughts manifest. Thoughts become a reality. Life is a manifestation of our thoughts. Whatever we think of, becomes a reality. At this time we need to do only one thing. We just need to think right. If we start thinking right, our destiny will automatically be right. We will start with 10 thoughts in the morning. The first thought is I am a powerful being. First thought. Second thought – I am a peaceful being. Why should we create these two thoughts? The first thought is – I am a powerful being. Powerful being means my state of mind is elevated. The situation cannot overpower me. Other people’s behavior cannot overpower me. Regardless of what people say and do I don’t get disturbed. Because I am a powerful being. Other people’s energies cannot touch me. I am a powerful being. The second thought is – I am a peaceful being. This means throughout the day No anger No irritation.

No getting irritated while talking to people. We cannot afford it at this time because This battery will go down And the other person with whom we get angry or irritated We don’t know what state of mind he is dealing with. At this time the minds around us are in pain Scolding them will not be the right Karma for us. People can make mistakes. We will discipline them. But we cannot scold them especially at this time, all the scolding is not right at any time. Scolding someone at this time becomes very risky Because right now the other person Has very little power to tolerate scoldings. People’s power to tolerate has come down.

So the message needs to be conveyed Being assertive, with discipline and a lot of love. Not with anger and irritation. So first thought is – I am a powerful being. The second thought is – I am a peaceful being. Our third thought will be I am a Fearless being. You are fearless and that’s the reason you go to the hospital every day. But we need to create this thought So that the fear present in people around us Should never overpower us. Not just today but for the next one or two months When people start stepping out Right now people are scared even though they are at home. So when we start going out, there will be fear. Looking at each other, people start creating fear. They can get very conscious of the physical distance to maintain when working with colleagues. A lot of things are going to change in mind.

So fear will increase in society Year until people learn to handle things. By now you have got habituated. But people who are yet to step out of their houses will take a few days to get used to it. So to stop all the fear around us, from overpowering us every day we need to create this thought I am fearless. Our fourth thought will be My body is healthy And will always be. My body is perfect and healthy. And will always be. Why are we creating this thought? So that even by mistake if a thought arises – What if I get infected? This should not be thought of even in our dreams. This thought should not even be present on the mind. Because this thought is harmful to both our mind and body. It’s not safe for our mind and body To keep a thought here as – What if it happens to me? So we need to erase that thought. To erase it, we need to create another thought on top of it. What will that thought be? My body is perfect and healthy And will always be. My body is perfectly healthy and will always be.

Our fifth thought will be – It’s very important. It is as important as wearing a mask. God’s power is an energy circle all around me. It is a protective shield. Just like the mask is our protection Similarly God’s powers are my protection. God’s power and blessings Are a circle of white light around me. I am protected. I am protected by God’s energy. Our sixth thought is – Nothing can enter into the circle. Which means nobody’s thoughts can enter this protective shield. Nobody’s behavior can enter. Nobody’s wrong words can enter. Nothing can enter. You will not get disturbed looking at people’s behavior. Because you have created a protective Shield all around you. I am powerful. I am peaceful. I am fearless. My body is healthy.

Fifth thought I am protected by God’s power and blessings. Sixth thought Draw the same circle of God’s protection around your family. Don’t create a single thought on your mind as What if it happens to my family? Our thoughts manifest. We will create thoughts only of the reality which we want. We will not think or speak of anything that we don’t want in reality. We will only think of what we want the reality to be. Don’t think or speak of whatever you don’t want, should happen. So visualize God’s protective shield surrounding your family members. My family is safe.

Seventh thought – God’s power and blessings are a protective Shield around my hospital. Just visualize this every morning Energy circle of God’s white light around your hospital. Everyone is safe. And then the circle of God’s power and blessings surrounding the entire planet. Look at the planet like this. And encircle it with God’s powers and blessings. My planet is safe. Other people are saying the world is not safe. We will not talk that way. We will say – My world is safe. That thing which was traveling this planet Many people are predicting about how long it is going to stay Speculating when we will get a treatment for a vaccine They say it takes 6 months, 1 year or longer. These are accurate statistics But what is their basis? The basis for these statistics is today’s condition. Nobody is sure when we will have a vaccine. But we calculate statistics They are logical statistics based on today’s condition. But if our vibrations rise If people’s Minds become powerful If everyone starts meditating, praying, and blessing each other Statistics will change. Miracles get created.

All of us collectively need to create miracles now. Instead of thinking and speaking of those statistics Start saying That thing which had come on the planet, is finished. It’s gone, never to come again. People who have the role of calculating statistics will play that role. It’s not our role to worry about statistics. Our role is to elevate our state of mind in order to finish those statistics. All of you might have experienced When you are sitting with someone at home or hospital If you are upset about that other person If you just create a thought – when will this person leave?

They are sitting here for so long. You don’t say anything but just create a thought in your mind Please leave. I am getting bored. Please get up and leave right now. Within 5 minutes that person will get up and get going. Even if you tell them – Why are you leaving? Sit down for some more time. They will make an excuse that they have some other urgent work and leave. Why did the leave? They received your vibrations of asking them to leave. If we think – it looks like he will sit here for another half an hour. I Will did not leave any sooner.

Maybe he will be here for one more hour at least. Then that person will stay for one more hour. It is the power of vibrations on other people’s minds. So for that thing, we will not even take its name in our affirmation. We will say – that thing which had come, has gone forever. Never ever to come again. And our last thought for our affirmation I am God’s Angel. God has chosen me to bestow happiness on everyone. God uses me to give happiness and health to all. 10 thoughts. I am powerful. I am peaceful. I am fearless. My body is healthy. God’s powers around me are a circle of protection. Nothing can enter into this circle. God’s power and blessings around my family. They are safe. God’s power and blessings around my hospital. God’s power and blessings around the world. That thing which had come on the planet is gone forever. Never to come back.

And 10th thought – I am God’s Angel. God uses me to give happiness and health to all. To repeat these 10 thoughts in your mind, it takes only 10 seconds. It doesn’t take longer than that. Every morning, just reaffirm these 10 thoughts. Just feel and visualize them. Take out 5 to 10 minutes for yourself. Repeat these 10 thoughts and feel them as deeply as you can. And then talk to God. It’s time to have a personal conversation with God. Talk to God and tell Him everything that is happening in your hospital. Tell God about all your patients also. Tell God – I surrender to you. Use me today Whatever is right for each patient I should do only that right Karma. So meditation first thing in the morning. Next when you are commuting to your hospital Or while returning from there, use these times At least 10 to 15 minutes of commute time will be there. Spiritual study in those few minutes.

Because you may not have more time right now So use your travel time. For spiritual study. This means wisdom given by God We will either listen, read, or watch. What goes into the mind early morning? Purity divinity, power. We will not fill the mind with what is happening in the world. We will fill it with whatever God teaches us. Whatever goes inside will become our thoughts. Whatever will be our thoughts, they become our reality. So this is about beginning our day right. Gratitude, affirmations, meditation, And spiritual study for a few minutes. During the day, after every one hour, We will pause only for 10 seconds. This is not difficult for you to take out 10 seconds. Because you remember everything. When to administer medicines, when to check the blood pressure of patients. Similarly, we need to nurse the self for a few days. So I need to pause for 10 seconds every hour. During those 10 seconds, I need to repeat those 10 thoughts. Why repeat them? For it to become my state of mind.

And for other quality of thoughts get finished. 10 seconds after every one hour. And then, 10 minutes before you go to bed at night Spiritual study is very important. Information you consume before sleeping at night. When high energy words enter your mind before you sleep at night For those 5 to 6 hours while you are asleep Your state of mind and the vibrations that radiate from your mind to your body. Will be very pure, powerful, and divine. Thinking about any problem before going to bed Or arguing with someone should never happen. The mind should be completely slowed down just before you sleep. Then not just our body Even the mind will sleep. For the mind to sleep, it has to slow down before sleeping. 10 or 15 minutes before sleeping Read a spiritual message And repeat those 10 thoughts as last thoughts before going to sleep. So once in the morning, once after every hour, and once before bedtime. One last thing to take care of is diet. Right now all of us might be having a vegetarian diet. Doctors are suggesting that we take an alkaline diet. Certainly need an alkaline diet Also the vibrations of our food needs to be very high at this time. If anyone is eating a non-vegetarian food Experiment with a vegetarian diet for the next 3 months.

As is the food, so will be the mind. The food we eat is not only about nutrients for the body. It not only energizes the body It is vibration for the mind. We are what we eat. As is the food, so will be the mind. As is the water, so will be the words. We need to hold onto this power because we need to create miracles at this time. We need to tap into all kinds of powers because the mind needs to be empowered. As is the food, so will be the mind. As is the water, so will be the words. This means vibrations of the food And vibrations of the water we drink Have to be very pure. Today there is the vibration of fear in the water in our city. There is fear even in the vegetables and fruits we buy. The one buying is scared, the one selling is scared. There is fear given in the fields, where they are all grown. So be rest assured, there is the vibration of fear everywhere. Like how we don’t eat anything without washing them. Similarly, we should not eat anything without changing its vibration. In your kitchen And if you can do it in your hospital kitchen also, it’s even better. In the kitchen at both hospitals and your home Play songs of God’s remembrance.