Handy Shares Must-Try Interior Design Trends for Winter



Winter is a few months away. However, self-quarantine gives you the perfect opportunity to decorate your home with trendy new interior decor. According to Handy, designers have been really excited about this year’s interior decoration trends since they allow you to achieve elegance without going bankrupt. Here are the must-try interior design trends for winter:

The Designs

1. Wood Elements – Winter may be cold and harsh on the outside, but that theme doesn’t need to repeat itself inside your home. Decorate your inner space with wood elements to add a natural warming effect. It doesn’t just lead to warm-toned aesthetics, but wood also acts as a good insulator and can help to reduce your energy bill. While wood panels and flooring are the obvious choices, a wooden side table or simple wooden basket offers a simpler solution. Make sure to keep a rustic theme instead of sleek looking furniture to give your home that organic rustic cottage charm. 

2. Textiles need to be fuzzy and cozy – You need to keep yourself warm during the winter. It’s better to do that with style. For extra comfort choose cotton quilts, cashmere, flannel sheets, and wool all over your bedroom and living room. Keep them folded on your bed, at the top of your sofa, or roll them neatly inside a basket. That evokes the feeling of warmth and you also have easy access to them whenever you want. Another superstar of the winter interior decor trend is knitted accessories. Cable knits and knitted poufs can replace those subtle weaves.  

3. Pimp up your fireplace – A fireplace is the best place to gather around during the winter season. With modern screens, your fireplace can make a bold statement with its beautiful style and gorgeous patterns. Fireplaces don’t need to keep you cooped up inside your home either. Dig out a fire pit in the backyard, set up a few logs and twigs, and surround it with foldable pallet chairs. 

Moreover, if you don’t have pallet chairs, you have an interesting DIY project to complete before the fall season. Mulled wine or hot cocoa with friends or family around the backyard fire along with great campfire songs like “Fire and Rain” or “This Land Is Your Land” in the crisp winter wind will create the most magical winter nights. 

4. Mirrored and Metallic Surfaces – A great way to add more shine to your home and add more light during the winter season is to incorporate accents with mirrored and metallic details. They create the perfect combination of looks and function since they don’t just dazzle your guests, but also create an interesting illuminated ambiance since light reflects off such surfaces.


Handy believes that apart from the above-mentioned trends you should also introduce some shades of grey in your home during the winter season. Not in the form of boring and dull textiles. Instead, you can use the hues of charcoal, mist, fog, and stone on your accent’s colors and furniture pieces.