Scientists in galaxy found Black Hole | Green layer seen on stony Mars for oxygen


Scientists in galaxy found Black Hole 9 times larger than Sun, also detected its rotating speed

Black Hole Spin Speed: Astronomers have succeeded in detecting the spin speed of 4U1543-4 Black Hole moving in the middle of the galaxy.

At first, it was difficult to measure the spin speed of the Black Hole, in which scientists took the help of clouds

new Delhi. Scientists have been researching for a long time about the Black Hole. In which every time some new information comes out. This time too, scientists have achieved great success in this regard. Now (blackhole) the speed of the black hole can be easily detected. It can also be measured by asterisks. Astronomers have derived the speed of the black hole spinning in the middle of the galaxy, its name is 4U1543-4.

Scientists said that the Black Hole is orbiting a star and it is about 24700 light-years away from our Earth. It is 9.4 times larger than our Sun. According to astronomers, black holes can theoretically be positive and negatively charged. But their charge in the universe is zero. Earlier scientists used to find it very difficult to measure the rotation of Black Hole i.e. their spin, but now they have found an easy way to do this. According to him, black holes also rotate on their axis like other objects in space. Clouds help in determining its speed.

Although astronomers rely on Proxies to measure the speed of the Black Hole, this does not give an accurate idea of ​​the spin. In such a situation, he tried to find the spin of the cloud by watching the circuit of the clouds near the event horizon. Astronomers measured the brightness of X radiation coming from near the event horizon. Their speed could also be detected by this brightness.

Green layer seen on stony Mars, scientists said oxygen is likely Green Layer Overs Mars:

Green layer is seen in pictures of Mars taken by European Space Agency Gas Orbiter (TGO)

Colorful light emits when sunlight hits the oxygen particle’s New Delhi. Although scientists have been engaged in life in search of life on Mars planet, these days, pictures from Mars have given a new ray of hope to the researchers. A green layer is visible around Mars. It is believed that this layer is formed due to oxygen. This will make life on the planet possible. This was revealed by the pictures taken by Mars from the European Space Agency Gas Orbiter (TGO).

According to Professor Jean Claude Gerrard of the Belgian University, when a photograph of the Earth was taken from another planet for the first time, a similar green and blue layer were seen. Now seen on Mars, this green layer shows the possibility of life. These green spheres are pointing to oxygen in the Mars atmosphere. According to Gerrard, this scene is similar to Northern Lights. The way the night sky looks colorful in the sky of Norway and Iceland. The same view is also on Mars at this time.

According to scientists, when sunlight collides with oxygen particles, such light is produced. Apart from this, due to the collision with the rays of the sun with the atoms of nitrogen and oxygen, green-blue light is produced. Which looks very nice. This also makes it possible to live on the planet.