Impact of AI in recruitment and selection process

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Artificial intelligence or AI is the 4th Industrial Revolution and a major step in the way humans think and innovate, artificial intelligence involves training a computer or a machine to think like a human and perform tasks and interpret results similar to a human brain. Rapid innovation in processor technology and the speed of computing has ramped up the innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today artificial intelligence has been used in various fields starting from medicine, pharmaceutical, precision industry to enabling students to learn faster, assisting lawyers with a case etc.

Artificial intelligence is changing the world around us and impacting all areas of life in the process, recruitment is no exception. The process of recruitment is a very tedious one as it involves finding the right candidate for the right job description and companies tend to spend a lot more time in finding the right candidate thereby spending huge amounts of time and resources in this process. This is one of the key areas where artificial intelligence can help to target the right audience for the job. Talent acquisition and talent retaining still continues to be one of the major pain points of large companies. These large corporations go out of their way to ensure employee welfare, retainment and employee satisfaction. The key to this process is hiring the right person who is compatible with the company culture and who fits the job description perfectly. Artificial intelligence is known to connect these dots and provide insights that are not easily visible on the surface. Artificial intelligence and deep learning are designed to dig and process information and look for trends in the massive amounts of data that it collects during the process.

Global staffing agencies can take advantage of the power and capability of AI to find the right candidate and hasten the selection process. Artificial intelligence in the recruitment process has given rise to a new industry called HR analytics. Artificial intelligence not only is able to find the right candidate but also analyse the candidate’s potential and fit to the company which enables the hiring manager to make informed decisions.

Artificial intelligence can help staffing agencies to go through the resume quicker than a normal human resource staff. It can scan through the resume in a matter of seconds, look for keywords that fit the job description and filter the candidates based on a predefined protocol. This process saves time and money and it helps the global staffing agency to have a quick turnaround for their tasks. Another major hurdle that artificial intelligence in recruitment overcomes is the elimination of stereotypes and bias, AI is not capable of holding stereotypes and filtering out candidates based on a preconceived stereotype hence AI is capable of finding the right candidates with a broader mindset. Nepotism was a major cause of concern for hiring agencies where the manager uses his or her power to recruit candidates within his or her social circle, the introduction of AI in the recruitment process eliminates such unfair practices and provides a level playing Field to all the candidates who are interested to apply for a job.

IT recruitment companies can leverage the power of AI to identify and filter the pool of candidates during the recruitment process, artificial intelligence can scrape the web for all the information available on a particular candidate and provide insights to the candidate’s capability and work ethics. There are many global staffing agencies which already employ and utilize the power of AI to make informed decisions on their hiring process. AI can scan through the cover letters and the testimonials of the candidate and perform sentiment analysis on the candidates thought process which provides beautiful insight to his thinking ability.

Artificial intelligence can also be trained and designed to devise a set of questions most suited for the job description, these questions can be analytical or to test the communication skills of the candidate. Artificial intelligence can also be used to make the selection process tougher which ensures the survival of the fittest and the best candidate possible for the job. AI is already being used by major staffing agencies to perform simple but effective tasks. The speed of innovation in the field of AI only means that AI will have a further impact in the recruitment process. These allow the IT recruitment company to proceed ahead in their venture.

The future looks bright for the industry which looks to integrate artificial intelligence into the recruitment process, in the future it is expected that AI can conduct interviews, facilitate case studies and group discussions and have meaningful conversation with the candidates and hiring managers to find the most suitable candidate for the given job. This process in the coming years will be fully automated and will be designed to provide the best result for the global staffing and Information technology industry. Individuals can also make use of global staffing agencies in order to excel in this field of development.