Best Time to Travel to Ireland | Best Time of Year to Visit Ireland


When you are planning your vacation trips or educational tours, you always try to sort out locations that offer the best time to stay, observe, and indulge in the true essence of that place. Crowded places where you are not able to find what you wanted in terms of the culture and special things, should never be your priority.

Ireland is a place in the bucket-list of many travel enthusiasts. It is due to the natural beauty, exciting weather, and several other recreational opportunities. If you are planning your first trip to the place and thinking about the best time of the year then there are a few things to consider here first. It is mainly regarding your interest as a tourist and what are your preferences and budget.

 As long as the weather is considered then Ireland has mild weather all year long and that shouldn’t become a reason or a factor to alter your Ireland trip plan. But, still, if you are looking for the best then go for the best time, which is summer and has the majority of opportunities for the tourists.

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Fewest Crowds

If you prefer to visit a place that is not overcrowded then the best time for you to visit is in Spring or Autumn season. The weather in these days could be a bit chilly, but that is not what you care about. Right? The busiest time in Ireland is in Summer when the weather is mild and the best you can ever experience there. However, this is also the time when you will find quite a few of the best tourist attractions in the place closed due to cold temperatures. 

So you may see fewer crowds but this will not affect the place’s beauty and serenity that you can enjoy every time you go there.

Best Weather

If you care about the weather to make the most of your time in Ireland then Summer is the time to go there. The temperatures in Ireland during this time rarely go above 70 degrees F and this makes the climate perfect for tourism and to enjoy local recreational activities and events. However, the place is known for its dodgy weather at times which warrants you to carry an extra layer of clothing to counter the chill. It may also rain unexpectedly in Summers, which drops the temperature considerably.

Cheap Flights:

The budget travelers truly understand the value of money and how costly it could be to visit any place by air, which could break the bank. If you are on a budget and looking for cheap flights to Ireland then you are thinking on the right lines. The cheapest flights to Ireland from any corner of the world could be booked for the early fall season, which in September and October.

The springtime from Mach to May is also good for finding cheap flights. However, March des peak for a few days around St. Patrick’s Day on 17th March, when a lot of people fly into Dublin for enjoying the festive season. If you find a cheap flight in the mentioned months of the year here then things don’t just end here.

 You will be able to save a lot of money for your lodging and several other tourist attractions. It is off-season actually so prices about everything goes down. Good advice for budget travelers here is to book their flights and accommodation well ahead of time so that you can make the most of the early bird type of discounts.

So, thinking about the cheap flight is not a bad idea if you know which flights should be booked without any compromise to the quality and facilities they offer.

Fun Events

The travel buffs who are party-goers or want to enjoy with crowds in exciting events then March is the best time of the year to visit Ireland. Who would not want some fun in the holidays? When it comes to Ireland and the festivities you can enjoy all the fun times at best.

 Easter Sunday quite often falls in March when a lot of getting together is seen in the place with a lot of tasty festive foods available all around. BBQ is a special thing over this time and this is a must-try if you ever happen to visit Ireland in March or at any month of the year.

St. Patrick’s Day is the national day in Ireland, which is celebrated on the 17th of March. This is by far the most celebrated and the major among all the events of Ireland. You will consider yourself lucky if you are in Ireland in March and on St. Patrick’s Day. The day will offer you to witness some gorgeous decorations all around the city, and the restaurants, bars, and other recreational places are all full of people. In short, this is the time of proper big celebrations in Ireland.

Peak Time

Ireland is a country with a small population and it is known to host more tourists than its overall population every year. The traditional holiday months are July and August, which are the busiest months with tourists as well. Beach sports are fully crowded this time with local and foreign tourists. The overcrowding distracts tourists from witnessing the actual natural beauty of the place but for fun seekers, it is a great time to visit Ireland.

So, you do not miss out on the deals and travel options if you want to enjoy the place at its fullest.


The most crowded time for tourist sin Ireland is Summer, particularly July and August. Locals and foreign tourists could be seen on different beaches, pubs and other scenic places in the country. However, this is also the most expensive time to visit the country. If you want to have a good time with lesser crowds along with cheap flights and accommodation then May is the best time to visit Ireland. Weather is also mild, but you can expect a random rain spell as well. For more information visit: